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A day in the life of Eoin MacManus

A Day In The Life Of Eoin Macmanus

A massive thank you to Eoin MacManus for being part of our series “A day in the life of…..” where we get to know our colleagues in the Telecoms industry.

Where are you from?

Most people listening to me think I am from Dublin but I was actually born in Zambia. My father was an impoverished Irish soldier from Drogheda married to a Cork lady who went there in the late ‘60’s to help the Zambian Government set up their police and military infrastructure. We came home when I was young and I grew up between Ireland (Dublin) and Scotland (Edinburgh)

Did you go to College and if so what did you study?

I got into college but never went as family circumstances prevented this option from happening. Instead, as many of a young man did, I put a rucksack on my back and got the ferry across the water and made my way to London started working. So I come from the college of life!
Mind you, in my late twenties to balance off the chips on my shoulder I did an MBA and got a first-class honours which comes in handy when writing these articles!

Favourite holiday destination and sport?

Ile-de-Re off the cost of La Rochelle in France or the west coast of Ireland on a summer’s day.
Sport: Rugby. I went to a small rugby school in Dublin. That would be with a very small “r” as we were never large enough to take on the big guns. For example, I am 5’ 11” and was a second row on the Senior Cup Team in 6th year!

What’s still on your ‘bucket list’?

  • Travelling around the world on a motorbike.
  • Meditating in complete darkness for 2 weeks – yes that’s right!.
  • Doing the Nürburgring racetrack in a very fast car and a very fast motorbike (not at the same time)
  • Learning to free dive
  • And of course achieving self-enlightenment in my current lifetime.

What is your favourite movie?

Cinema Paradiso – wonderful Italian movie about a young boy growing up in blissful ignorance, or; the Matrix – wonderful US movie about a boy growing up in blissful ignorance until……..

Describe your personality in three words:

Driven, centred, authentic (I really hate that word now but there you go)

What is your favourite App on your smartphone?

YouTube – There is nothing that you cannot learn about here.

Where was you first job?

My first job was during the summer holidays while I was in secondary school distributing leaflets into people’s homes. I hired my friends to do it with me, but once they realised how much I was making off them they downed tools!
My first ‘adult’ role was selling advertising space over the phone in London on a commission only basis. A very tough way to learn resilience and how to sell but the experience was priceless.

What are your thoughts on work / life balance?

If you love your work then what is the relevance of work/life balance. I would suggest you focus on trying to find something that you really enjoy doing and therefore the work/life balance will find its own equilibrium.

Can you describe in one sentence what your company does?

We facilitate meaningful connections between people and companies.
Or another way of putting it is we are one of the best communications companies in this country working with customers in the Residential, Business and Public sector markets to provide them with a wide and relevant range of communications products and solutions.

Can you describe in one sentence what it is you do?

I am the chief business officer, so I have overall responsibility for the Business, Enterprise and Public sector business within Three.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with great people and basking in their success when they make a real difference to our customers.

What was the best career lesson that you have learned?

Don’t be afraid.

Any thoughts on the current health of the Irish telecoms sector?

It’s in good shape. I think we as an industry have reacted to C19 extremely well and that now, more than ever, communications infrastructure is enabling people to continue to work and have meaningful connections in their personal lives. I am proud that Three is at the forefront of facilitating this.

What is your favourite saying or piece of advice for life in general?

Have a fear-based mindset and you will create more fear. Nothing positive came out of creating an environment based on fear.

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