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Two Critical Industries Pic #1

Our two most critical industries? (by Bob Hoffman, Owner)

By Bob Hoffman, Owner The most important sector in Ireland at the moment is clearly that of healthcare sector. But we mustn’t overlook the extent to which it is underpinned and supported by the technology sector. Our healthcare sector is saving lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, while the technology sector is enabling the healthcare professionals to do their job. And in a much broader sense, the technology sector is keeping the entire economy moving. The world has moved into the Digital Era in a way we now hardly question. But it’s at times like this that we realise if…
Telecom's And Cloud Players

Telecom’s and Cloud players (By Vincent Bissett of BT Ireland)

By Vincent Bissett of BT Ireland A lot of focus these days on these 2 industry players as both are seen as key to supporting home working during these challenging times. In some ways they are distinct businesses operating in their own markets but in many others there is strong overlap, dependencies and competition but up until recently a lack of deep partnership arrangements and even mergers and acquisitions. Could that be about to change? The success of the cloud business model was built around large companies investing heavily in infrastructure and critically the IT systems that allowed that infrastructure…