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Two Critical Industries Pic #1

Our two most critical industries?

The most important sector in Ireland at the moment is clearly that of healthcare sector. But we mustn’t overlook the extent to which it is underpinned and supported by the technology sector. Our healthcare sector is saving lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, while the technology sector is enabling the healthcare professionals to do their job. And in a much broader sense, the technology sector is keeping the entire economy moving. The world has moved into the Digital Era in a way we now hardly question. But it’s at times like this that we realise if it weren’t for various technology…
Telecom's And Cloud Players

Telecom’s and Cloud players

A lot of focus these days on these 2 industry players as both are seen as key to supporting home working during these challenging times. In some ways they are distinct businesses operating in their own markets but in many others there is strong overlap, dependencies and competition but up until recently a lack of deep partnership arrangements and even mergers and acquisitions. Could that be about to change? The success of the cloud business model was built around large companies investing heavily in infrastructure and critically the IT systems that allowed that infrastructure to be “shared” in a very…
Steven Farrell Blog Photo

A day in the life of Steven Farrell

A big thank you to Steven Farrell of SIRO for being part of our series "A day in the life of....." where we get to know our colleagues in the Telecoms industry.  Steven is Account Director with SIRO since 2016 and is a veteran of the industry since his days in Esat Telecom in 1997.   Where are you from? I am from Wicklow, the Garden County of Ireland.   Did you go to College and if so what did you study? After finishing secondary school I went onto third level and completed a degree in Business and Marketing. In…
Bob Hoffman with Bobby Kerr on Down to Business

Down to Business with Bobby and Bob

Our very own MD, Bob Hoffman, has been a regular on the "Down to Business" show with Bobby Kerr on Newstalk.  Bob enjoys chatting about the business goings-on from around Ireland and the globe and taking a look at the papers. But recently Bob realised that after over 4 years of being on the show he still didn't have one of the infamous photos with Bobby.  So here is a lovely picture of Bobby with Bob all in the name of business!  (Yes, we're feeling poetic with the season that's in it).
a day in the life of Ray O'Connor

A day in the life of Ray O’Connor

A big thank you to Ray O'Connor of 4Site for being part of our series "A day in the life of....." where we get to know our colleagues in the Telecoms industry.  Ray is in place as Chief Commerical Officer with 4Site since 2017, with 10 years overall in telecoms. Where are you from? Born in Santry, grew up in Beaumont, schooled in Drumcondra and live now in Ballinteer 22 yrs.   Did you go to college and if so, what did you study? I studied Project Management in Dublin Business School which has proven very useful to me in…
Sean Keating Vilicom Interview Telecom Jobs

A day in the life of Sean Keating

A big thank you to Vilicom CEO, Sean Keating, for taking time to take part of our "A day in the life of" series.  Sean tells us how he came into his role, the advice he has for those in the industry and some insights to him as a leader. Where are you from? I’m from Dublin, born and reared.   Did you go to College and if so what did you study? I’ve been to college a few times.  First time round was to do Electronics Engineering in DCU, a great place to study.  Ten years later I went…
Telecom Jobs New Website Covered In Think Business Supporting

We've got to say a big thank you to for supporting our launch with a fantastic piece with our very own Bob Hoffman talking about what problem we are solving here at, a break down of the telecoms jobs market, who the big players are and how we stay agile. You can find the full article here: "Bob Hoffman has created Ireland’s first recruitment platform exclusively for the telecoms industry.".  The team at do a wonderful job of showcasing businesses, projects and individual in our business eco-system and share fantastic information.  Take some time to check…
Telecom Industry Missing A Trick

Is the Irish telecoms sector missing a big trick?

It is safe to say that with all the attention and focus on the National Broadband Plan over the last two or three years that one of the side effects of this has been a surge in broadband rollout and awareness in Ireland. This author feels that the sector is missing out on a big trick. All the focus is delivering high-speed broadband either wirelessly are wired to the home but nobody seems interested in helping the end-user set up their Wi-Fi within the home. It is a fair comment to say that the broadband providers offer fairly cheap and…
Telecom Jobs Blog Quote

Procrastination, the enemy of the Irish people.

At one point in our history we were the only country in the EU and the OECD not to have what?  Read this piece by our MD Bob Hoffman talks about the impact of our "national past-time", procrastination and he unpacks many of the common issues with our National Broadband plan.  And what do The M50, National Children Hospital, Westlink and the NBP have in common?    
Power Expert 4 Site

The spark for electricity

Neville Dunne, Power Expert & Electrician, 4 Site Neville got started in the area of electricity when he applied for an apprentice programme after second level.  He had considered engineering or construction for third level but after completing a project where he mounted a solar panel to the roof of an electric golf vehicle, he was hooked. He feels that if he hadn’t gone into this space that he would have taught.  Seeing the apprenticeship program in full swing helped him to gain an appreciation for teaching skills and helping people to gain success in their workplace.  Through this time…