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The spark for electricity

Power Expert 4 Site

Neville Dunne, Power Expert & Electrician, 4 Site

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Neville got started in the area of electricity when he applied for an apprentice programme after second level.  He had considered engineering or construction for third level but after completing a project where he mounted a solar panel to the roof of an electric golf vehicle, he was hooked.

He feels that if he hadn’t gone into this space that he would have taught.  Seeing the apprenticeship program in full swing helped him to gain an appreciation for teaching skills and helping people to gain success in their workplace.  Through this time he has trained around 20 apprentices and lesson number 1 is to show them how to plan and map their daily schedule.

Because of the hazardous nature of the work, it’s key that you plan and map your day in this line of work.


When talking about his career progression he mentions landing his first role with a large electrical and telecoms contractor where he was able to progress from apprentice eventually into a senior role.  This brought added responsibility and welcome challenges. It also helped to further develop his experience in areas such as project management, scheduling and material, and labour estimation. He has always been keen to continue to learn and develop his skills and has studied engineering technology and the use of UPS power within the industry.


And in talking about his experience working with 4 Site he speaks about the great company culture which is based on respect, he can see the effect that has had on attracting the best talent to the company.  He also recognises how much he has been able to grow in his role while at the company. “Every day is a school day” is very true for such an innovative company. The main focus of his work is around bringing power to operator sites in the wireless and fibre telecoms sector, to enable the functioning of their networks. 


Talking about industry developments that interest him he speaks about renewables and the electric car space.  He’s encouraged by the use of grants to encourage uptake in electric car ownership which will have positive impacts on our fuel usage.  He has also worked in the area of wind turbines and will be interested to see how operators will embrace renewables, whether it be solar or wind.  He sees the operators as understanding the need to move to renewables. 


Finally when asked to give advice to anyone considering the career route of an electrician his first piece of advice is “take the rough with the smooth”, day in and day out.  Have get up and go, be self-driven and show initiative in your work. Enjoy figuring things out and keep learning.